We are starting a new free classroom event called Boating & Sail Cruising Lifestyle aimed at introducing people to a new exciting hobby. We want to tell and show you what boating and sail cruising is really about. During the Boating & Sail Cruising Lifestyle event we will discuss a variety of topics such as why sailing and boating matters (so many good reasons), dreaming-planning-doing cycle, cruising as a means to see new places, to own or not to own a boat, finding opportunities to go out to sea, chartering boats abroad, living on board a cruising yacht, boating and safety, learning the skills.

The participation info for the first Boating & Sail Cruising Lifestyle event:

  • Free admission; coffees
  • Date: Wednesday 20 April, 2016, from 17:00 to about 19:30
  • Location: Our classroom in Lauttasaari
  • Booking: send an email to mikko@helsinkiyachting.fi
  • Joining info will be sent before the event
  • Places available: 10